A luxury bespoke shirt to stand out thanks to its quality and its details

Realized in a traditional manner with qualitative fabric and finishes, the luxury bespoke shirt is an inescapable of Atelier Clotilde Ranno. To guarantee you the best quality, we are working very closely with houses Thomas Maison, Albini and David & John Anderson. We also propose Swiss fabrics from house Alumo. Those houses are renowned for their solid and sumptuous fabrics.

The Giza 87 model in Egyptian cotton from house Thomas Mason is remarkable. It stays soft even after several washes. This shows how qualitative are our fabrics. This fabric also exists in double twisted yarn: the yarns composing the fabric are doubled in warps and weft. Others fabrics, just as astonishing, are also available at the Atelier to create a luxury bespoke shirt.

A luxury bespoke shirt can indeed be very usefull. As an indispensable of men’s wardrobe, you can wear it in multiple occasions. For example, it will be unimaginable to wear a classic shirt to a wedding. Thus, the luxury bespoke shirt will help you stand out. By wearing such a beautiful shirt, you will sublimate your look. The luxurious aspect of the shirt testifies of its excellence.

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Two possibilities to enjoy our luxury shirts :

If you’re already client, you can directly order your bespoke shirt by email or phone. We will send you a selection of fabric by email.

You can also book an appointment in our Atelier in Paris next to Opéra Garnier. There, we will create your luxury men shirt. To realize your luxury bespoke shirt, we will present you a vast choice of fabric (twill, oxford, poplin, chevron…). Several patterns (striped, checked, printed), colours (blue, black, pink), cuts (fitted, straight…) will also be put at your disposition. With all those options, you will be able to create the shirt that suits you the best.

In addition, you can choose the colour of the buttons or create a shirt with different colours on the collar and on the wrists (this option is charged 15 euros). It is also possible to embroider your initials in our Atelier by choosing the location of the embroidery and its colour. We will provide you some personalized advices at the Atelier and a very precise measuring process (about twenty measures).

Opt for the following styles:

  • Business shirts
  • Fashionable shirts
  • Ceremony shirts
  • Fitted shirts
  • Full shirts

For those models, realized with expertise, the time of manufacturing is about 30 days. Of course, those models are available in large size or more fitted, in plain fabrics, in patterns, with stripes or in a chevron pattern. Our designer Clotilde Ranno will help you choose a fabric among a large choice.

For any question about our Atelier, you can contact us by email (contact@clotilderanno.com) or by phone:

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