Bespoke men shirts, an essential in your wardrobe

A shirt is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. A bespoke men shirt will be entirely adapted to your body thanks to a beautiful cut. A cotton men shirt which isn’t adjusted, isn’t elegant.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

In custom-tailoring, we put at your disposition plenty of fabrics (poplin, twill, oxford, denim), patterns (checked, striped, printed, plained), colours (black, blue, white…), and cuts (adjusted, straight). To create entirely your bespoke men shirt, you have to come by our Atelier in Paris next to Opéra, so we invite you to book an appointment. You will be able to personalize your bespoke shirt with a vast choice of fabrics, cuts, collar and wrists. If you want to offer a gift, we also have gift box bespoke shirt.

We propose different types of shirts collections. Every shirt is composed in a traditional manner: handmade pattern and cut, extremely delicate seams. Our first price starts at 199 euros including VAT for a bespoke shirt. At 199 euros, you can choose among our selection of egyptien cotton double twisted yarn from house Canclini. We also propose completely handmade shirt (priced on request).

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

Here’s our advices to choose your men shirt

Price of your men shirt

The budget is a fundamental point in custom-tailoring, especially if it’s your first bespoke shirt. At Clotilde Ranno’s prices are a bit higher but you need to consider the value for money.

Do you really want a shirt that does not suit you? A collar you can’t close when you wear a tie? A shirt with too long or too short sleeves? A shirt too big at the level of the waist?

Therefore, a bespoke shirt is indispensable. Of course, the fabric, always in Egyptian cotton, and the quality should be present.

A men shirt is not a coat, a suit or a pair of shoes. A shirt will eventually present noticeable wear. And you will have to replace it. Here’s some advices to take care of your bespoke shirts and to recognize a qualitative shirt.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

Men shirt: How to take care of it?

With an environmental friendly approach, Clotilde Ranno gives you some advices to maintain your shirts:

  1. Avoid a dry cleaner except if it’s a luxurious one or an ecological one. Indeed, dry cleaning can prematurely damage your most delicate clothes. The use of chemical products car be harmful to the environment and potentially to your skin.
  2. Prioritize machine wash, with delicate program. Never exceed 30 degrees.
  3. Once cleaned, let air-dry your shirts. The use of a dryer is not recommended.

Protect the collars and the wrists of your shirts:

  1. In the machine wash, put your shirt in a washing bag. You can find one in La Redoute, Amazon or Ikea. This permits to avoid rubs damaging the collars and the wrists.
  2. During the ironing, iron the collar flat and on the back.
  3. Shave yourself! A beard can prematurely damage your shirts.
  4. Beware of rubs with sling bag especially if it’s synthetic. This rub can burn the fibber of your collar and damage it prematurely.
  5. Finally, know that we can remake the collar of your shirt in our Atelier.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

Here’s some fake popular believes:

  • Popular belief n°1: “I can wear my shirt 3 times before washing it” (read on a fashion blog for men). No, no, no! It’s impossible! If you wear your shirt several times before washing it, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the disasters that could happen:
    • Your body odour will get into your social, professional and sentimental life.
    • Your close circle may run away from you.
    • Your shirt will be more and more crumpled: which isn’t elegant or professional.
  • Popular belief n°2: “I can wear a t-shirt under my shirt to wash it less frequently”. Again, it’s a big NO.
    • The consequences will be, at the end, the same as for the popular belief n°1.
    • Plus, it is aesthetic.
    • We can only forgive you this mistake if you’re spending winter in Canada and you’re not used to the cold.
  • Popular belief n°3: “Attempt to seduce a woman with a t-shirt or a polo”. Why not also present yourself at a job interview with a t-shirt?
  • Popular belief n°4: “To think that no one will notice that your collar is filled down” – actually, you are the only one who do not see it and no one’s telling you not to hurt your feelings.
  • Popular belief n°5: “To think that larger clothes will give you more stature”. No, you can trust me. The larger your clothes are, the smaller and slender you will look. Only a perfectly adjusted shirt will suit you and eventually hide your overweight.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

How to know if your shirts are qualitative?

To know if you’re lucky to own qualitative shirts, here’s some criteria :

  • Look at the seams. Do it with a millimetre ruler. On a high-quality shirt, you should have 7 points by millimetres. If there are 5 points by millimetres, it is still ok. Under it, it isn’t worthy.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

  • Check if your shirt owns a gusset at the bottom, on the side. It is a small part of fabric (usually in a triangular shape, but at Clotilde Ranno’s it is a hexagon) which solidifies this part by hiding the surplus of yarns. An elegant finish is expected.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

Hand sewn gusset at the bottom of the shirt

  • Are the buttons reinforced? Look at the seams of the buttons. If there is a lot of yarns behind every button, that’s good.
  • Is the seam of the armhole shifted? If yes, it is a sign of comfort and quality, either way your shirt has too much fabric at the armpit which can be irritating.
  • Is the last buttonhole horizontal? If yes, it is also more comfortable.

How to choose a qualitative fabric pour your shirts

Here’s some criteria to choose a qualitative fabric :

  • If you’re searching for a cotton shirt, opt for an Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton has multiple advantages: it is harvested manually so it is purer than other cottons such as the Chinese or the American one. Its fibres are very long so they are soft and thin at the time. Thanks to its finesse et robustness, those fibres can create double twisted yarns: two yarns in one. This creates the exceptional properties of the Egyptian cotton:
    • A pleasant touch, sometimes as soft as silk
    • A mat and glossy look: this gives style and elegance to the person wearing it.
    • A fibre which less wrinkle and which is easier to iron.
    • A fibre light and thick at the time: you sweat less in a less transparent fabric.
  • Poplin, twill, oxford, pinpoint, voile… Whatever you want. It is the fabric weave: the way the yarns are interlaced. To learn more about the fabric weave of a shirt, book an appointment in our Atelier next to the Opera Garnier. We will provide you more informations.
  • Canclini, Alumo, David & John Anderson, Thomas Mason: Atelier Clotilde Ranno is working with the most prestigious houses to offer you the most luxurious fabrics of the world.

Discover our collection | Men shirt

The business collection is for business men who are attached to a professional elegance. Our business shirts are modern and classic. Usually plain, white or blue, they can also be with stripes, more or less thin. For more originality, you can also wear a soft pink luxury men shirt. In our Atelier, we propose a very impressing choice of fabrics to satisfy the most demanding.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

For business shirts, here’s the last trends decrypted by Clotilde Ranno :

  • The global trend is to compose the most minimalist business shirt.
  • An adjusted cut, sometimes very adjusted!
  • An Italian cutaway collar: if you like thick ties or the double Windsor knot, it is perfect.
  • A classic French collar: less flared than the Italian one, it helps slim the neck of your luxury bespoke shirt. You’ll wear it with a thin tie.
  • We do not recommend a chest pocket.
  • A covered buttonhole.
  • For the wrists, Clotilde Ranno’s favourite are the musketeer ones. If you do not wear cufflinks (how sad!), our designer creates a double button cuff.
  • Opt for the luxurious Mother-of-pearl buttons.
  • Finally, embroider your initials handmade on the wrist with a vintage writing.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

For our original collection, Clotilde Ranno has been more creative. Some originality is always good. After all, who said that a cotton shirt should always be plain? We will prove you wrong! First, our designer will present you other interesting fabrics with patterns like checks, Prince of Wales check, houndstooth. We have sumptuous fabrics from houses Canclini and Thomas Mason. There’s also a limited edition from house Thomas Mason renew every six months. Every season is full of new patterns and flashy colours! But that’s not it! For the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection our designer created a printed collection with Japanese influences. It’s sure, you’ll be great with Clotilde Ranno’s bespoke shirts.

men shirts , bespoke men shirts

What are the trends for a beautiful checked shirt according to Clotilde Ranno?

  • For a checked shirt, every cut are possible, you can do whatever you want!
  • You can thus choose a wider cut unlike for the business one!
  • For the buttonhole, I recommend that you choose an American buttonhole: with double topstitched.
  • If you like the chest pocket, you can embroider it with your initials.
  • For a chic and casual style, opt for horn button.

To create a bespoke men shirt, there will be a manufacture time of 4 to 5 weeks between the first appointment and the fitting of the first men shirt. To create the perfect bespoke shirt, you can book an appointment to our Atelier with Clotilde Ranno, our designer. You can take it directly on the website by clicking here.

Here’s the different types of bespoke men shirts we compose :

  • Non-iron shirt
  • Plain shirt
  • Business shirts
  • Casual shirts
  • Cotton shirts

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