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  • chemise oxford sur mesure , chemise oxford , chemise sur mesure

    Bespoke oxford shirt

    Blue oxford shirt for men, 100% Cotton, simple yarn, Italian collar, boat wrists, adjusted cut. Traditional artisanal methods (handmade pattern and cut). From 199 euros.

  • chemise unie rose sur mesure , chemise unie rose

    Bespoke pink plain shirt

    Pink shirt for men, Egyptian cotton, simple yarn, Italian collar, boat wrists. Traditionally made (handmade pattern and cut). From 199 euros.

  • chemise rayée coton égyptien sur mesure , chemise rayée , chemise rayée sur mesure

    Bespoke Egyptian cotton stripped shirt

    Navy blue shirt with green stripes in Egyptian cotton for men, 100% Egyptian cotton, French collar, simple rounded wrists. Traditionally made from a Thomas Mason fabric. From 199 euros VAT included.

  • chemise rayée homme sur mesure , chemise rayée homme , chemise rayée

    Bespoke men stripped shirt

    Shirt with blue and white stripes, 100% Egyptian cotton double twisted yarns, classic collar, rounded wrists with two buttons. Traditionally made. From 199 euros.


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    Chemise sur mesure blanche, chemise cintrée, chemise sur mesure, chemisier sur mesure, chemise femme sur mesure, chemise blanche, chemise luxe, clotilde ranno, clothilde ranno, clotilde rano, clothilde rano, chemise col mini, boutique chemise, chemises luxe, belle chemise

    Bespoke adjusted white satin cotton shirt


    Bespoke white shirt for women, 100% Egyptian cotton, satin finish. Mini collar and mini wrists, adjusted cut. Mother of Pearl buttons. Traditional artisanal methods (handmade pattern and cut).

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    chemise cintrée homme , chemise cintrée , chemise sur mesure

    Adjusted men shirt

    Adjusted navy blue shirt, 100% Egyptian cotton, simple twisted yarn, inverted collar, simple wrists. Traditional artisanal methods (handmade pattern and cut).